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Inconsistent Pitching Haunts the Sea Wolves

Inconsistent pitching has put the Erie Sea Wolves In fifth place with a 42-44 W-L record, 9 games behind the Eastern League leading Harrisburg Senators.

While Detroit Tigers #1 BA prospect Jacob Turner (3-3 W-L, 3.49 ERA), BA #6 Casey Crosby (5-3 W-L, 3.73 ERA), and Jay Voss (4-3, 3.80 ERA) are pitching good ball, other Erie starters Mark Sorensen (7-6 W-L, 6.38 ERA), Luke Putkoren (1-7, 7.57 ERA) and L.J. Gagnier (3-3, 4.42) have had their good days and their bad days, and been inconsistent so far this season.

In the bullpen, only southpaw Austin Wood, 4-3, 2.41 ERA in 31 game appearances, is getting the side out most every outing.

Other Tiger prospects with the Sea Wolves, #4 3B Francisco Martinez is hitting 285 and showing signs of power with 7 HR and 40 RBI.

Former Texas Christian catcher and 2010 College World Series standout, Bryan Holaday is strong behind the plate, and hitting 237, 4 HR, 26 RBI.

Outfielder Justin Henry is hitting 300 BA, 0 HR 22 RBI, 1B Rawley Bishop, 275, 6 HR 41 RBI, and CF Jamie Johnson, 276 BA, 4 HR, 29 RBI.

Since I was a little boy back in Detroit, I’ve loved the Detroit Tigers, dreamed about playing at old Briggs Stadium, and always get a special feeling when I see their farm teams. It was that way when I saw Erie, May 22nd at Bowie, and took photos of the young Tigers listed below, which you check out at this link.

Erie Sea Wolves 2011, Detroit Tigers Double A Eastern League
List of Available Players Photos

Andy Ciriaco SS,
Austin Wood LHP,
Brandon Douglas 2B,
Bryan Holiday C,
Bryan Pounds OF,
Chris Cron Mgr,
Francisco Martinez 3B,
Jacob Turner RHP,
Jamie Johnson OF,
John Murrian C,
Justin Henry OF,
LJ Gagnier RHP,
Mark Sorensen RHP,
Michael Bertram OF,
Rawley Bishop 1B,
Shawn Roof 3B