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Bryce Harper Harrisburg Photos

I saw Bryce Harper play the late innings in a day game against Bowie at Harrisburg June 20th and a full 9 innings at Bowie June 27th. After he was subjected to some serious bush league heckling from some of the Bowie fans, I got a photo of his payback on the next pitch, a long blast over the right center field fence for his first AA homerun.

You can take a look at the 77-best photos I I took at this link.

More Bryce Harper Photos

We just published 41 more photos of Bryce Harper hitting, playing right field, in on deck circle, and leading off 1B during the morning Delmarva/Hagerstown game last Tuesday, May 10 to our photo galleries and “editors choice” photo folder from which editors can download the photos.

See the sneak preview slide presentation of these photos below.
Please let me know if you want to download some for publication.

Bryce Harper Makes Debut At Hagerstown in 2011

By Rodger M. Wood

Nationals’ new phenomena Bryce Harper will start his first full year professional season at Low A SALLY – Hagerstown Suns in 2011.

While his debut there in an exhibition game between Hagerstown and the Nationals AA – affiliate Harrisburg Tuesday night was cancelled on account of bad grounds, the 18-year ball player was still put on display in a press conference, warm up exercises and a batting practice, during which he drove several balls high over the distant Suns outfield fence to the “oohs and awes” of the local fans.

After the workout, Harper and teammates signed autographs for the Suns fans.

Please check out the photos of Bryce Harper I took at Hagerstown during the interview, workout, and batting practice.