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About Me – Rodger Wood


It’s been 22 years since I focused on a Sally League ballplayer at Municipal Stadium in Hagerstown, Maryland.

At times overwhelmed trying to figure out what my pictures pictured, and a “self taught   Braille approach” to photography, I still haven’t build up my courage to put the camera down…

Always keen on finding the meaning of minor league baseball, I’ve travel all over the U.S.A the past 15 years seeing an average of 80 – 100 ball games a season.

Finding more time on my hands since retirement from the Federal Government  – for the first time in my life that I can remember – I expanded my photography interest year round to also include major league baseball, NFL football, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, and my new true love, college football, basketball, and baseball. 

Nothing can jump start you better from lethargy than a college campus. In fact, I have gone back to college to study German three times a week I liked it so much. 

You won’t believe I can actually greet someone in German now, “Meine Lieblingsfreundinnen, Guten Morgen or Wie geht’s.”

Through the years, my photos have been regularly published in Street and Smith Sports 

Baseball and Football Annuals, At the Yard, Vine Line, Reds Report, Outside Pitch,  USA Today Sports Weekly, Upper Deck, Baseball America, Chop Talk, Boston Baseball, Outside Pitch, Inside Pitch,  Diehard, and several other minor league team and college publications and local newspapers..   

I even got two photos published in Sports Illustrated a few years back.

My goal for this web page is primarily to communicate the “what’s, when’s, and where’s” of my sports photography to my editors, team media, the players, and their families.

It is not to sell any of my photographs commercially – the photographs are only intended for publication by an authorized media and/or distribution at no cost to the players pictured.

I reserve all copyright rights to all of my photographs, whether used or referenced in this web page, unless granted expressly to an authorized media which has indicated they will be publishing them.

Access to my photographs will be password protected down the road for usage by only those editors of authorized media who want to view them.

Editors and pictured players are invited to Email Me if they wish to consider any of my listed photographs. 

Thanks all!


Sports Photography by Rodger M. Wood