2013 Season in Review, Part 12. Josh Bell, West Virginia Power

I spotted him hitting in the batting cage hours before a playoff game at

Hagerstown September 6th, and noted instantly from the way he conducted
himself around the cage and stroked the ball inside, I’d need some posed
shots of him that day.

This young Texan turned out to be special in other ways too. He went to a
Jesuit High School (Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas, TX) so you
know he got an outstanding education and learned a few values that would

sustain him in a very secular baseball environment.

Signing with the Pirates for 5 million dollars in August, 2011, he turned
down the dream of every young Texas youth, a full ride scholarship to play
baseball at the University of Texas (Austin).

And after a serious partial meniscus tear the first month of the 2012

season at West Virginia Power, he came back successfully the following
season to hit 279 BA in 459 AB, 75 RS, 37 2B, 2 3B, 13 HR, and drive in 76
RBI to lead his team, the Pittsburgh Pirates Low Class A West Virginia

Power affiliate to SALLY League championship playoffs.

Seeing Josh swinging a bat in the batting cage that hot summer day, working
with him on the photo shoot before the game, and focusing on his all out
hustle, and timely bat in the first playoff game at Hagerstown that

September day was another highlight for me during the 2013

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