Top White Sox Pick Lights up The Field at Bristol

By Rodger M. Wood

#1 White Sox (13th overall) 2012 draft pick Courtney Hawkins has already shown the potential to dominate a baseball game at Rookie A – Bristol.

In the game I saw him play, he singled to get on base his first two AB, stole second base each time, advanced to 3B on an overthrow and scored the first AB on a sacrifice fly, starting the home crowd buzzing at the old Bristol ball park with excitement.

Although just an 18 year old, he has a certain aura about him which tells you he’ll get a hit, steal a base, and win a ball game for you.

While his speed is rated as only above average, the radar gun doesn’t take into account his baseball canniness, instinct and ability to rile an opposing pitcher into trying to pick him off. I had three perfect opportunities to photograph young Hawkins slideback to 1B in the first inning alone.

The book on this phenomen is he needs more plate discipline, but that will come with age. Critics will say he has struck out 27 of 92 AB in 24 games, but overlook the youngster has shown a knack for hitting the long ball with 2 HR and 5 doubles among his first 23 professional hits.

Bristol is also loaded six other White Sox’s 2012 draft picks: #3 2B Joey DeMichele, #5 SS Nick Basto, #7 C Jose Barraza, #12 1B Zach Stoner, #19 Alex Williams, #23 CF Kale Kiser, and #31 3B Corey Thompson.

You can view photos of all of the draft picks and other players in the photo galleries/featured photo folders/Bristol White Sox 2012 and Courtney.

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