#1 Ranked Gonzaga Wins A Squeaker Against Paul VI, 50- 46

By Rodger M. Wood

In their game January 19th, Gonzaga and Paul VI HS battled for 47 minutes of regulation time. If they didn’t know beforehand, the average fan would not have been able to tell which team playing was the #1 ranked Washington Post Metropolitan Area high school basketball team.

Tied at 42-42 with a minute to go in regulation, the game was up for grabs until Malcolm Lemmons stole the moment, sweeping in for a hard lay up to put Gonzaga ahead for keeps by two points and with a few free throws in the last few moments, win 50 – 46.

Freshman and sophomore ladened Paul VI will live to play another day. 3-6 W-L in tough WCAC conference play, the seasoning they are getting this season against several Division 1 colleges prospects will only serve to put them in very close competition in coming seasons against perennial power house Gonzaga and Dematha, who were also USA Today #18 and #20 ranked in the nation February 16th.

Mark my words. I wouldn’t count the Paul VI Panthers out for the duration.

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