Wizards Route Knicks

Winning 105 -90, Washington made it no contest at the Verizon Center Tuesday night against the NY Knicks.

Wearing 1972-73 Baltimore Bullet uniforms, the Wizards turned back the clock, tuning up for a back – to back away game against the 10th place Boston Celtics Wednesday
night and a step closer to a 2006 NBA playoffs.

Leading their hapless last place opponents by 25 points early in the 3rd Period, Wizards Coach Eddie Jordan emptied the bench to finish up the game.

Wizards Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, Etan Thomas, Jared Jeffries, Gil Arenas, Antonio Daniels all scored in double figures, and a eventh, Brendan Haywood
scored 9.

Give my star of the game vote to Wizards guard Antonio Daniels, for leading the
offense with his all out play.

Brendan Haywood 1_thumbnail Steve Francis 1_thumbnail

Maryland Ex Steve Francis Fails In Effort To Score

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