Caps’ Alex Ovechkin Is A Very Special Player!

Caps fans, if you don’t realize already, 20 -year Alex Ovechkin
is a special person who is going to be a legendary hockey player.

He can fly down the wing, rock the puck away from bruising defenders in the
corners, get back on defense, and score goals with an abandon at any time.

In this his rookie season, he has already scored 48 goals and 50 assists

He also plays the game zealously both ways like nobody on ice since a young
Gordie Howe back in the 1950s, and he is only going to get better.

The smiling young Russian loves the game and the home team fans.

He lives an unassuming life, which in this “modern day” of multi-million
dollar athletes makes him a special commodity.

We don’t want to see this young athletic hurt or slowed down by opponents, press, management, fans or anyone else taking cheap shots.

We have to join together to protect him from the elements.

He’s only going to get better with age and become that very special hockey
player the fans in Washington have dreamt about for 32-years.

Alex Ovechkin 2_thumbnail

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