There’s No Other Ball Park I Would Rather Be At Than Hagerstown!

It’s always a pleasure seeing a ball game at Hagerstown’s Municipal Stadium.

President/GM Kurt Landes and Assistant GM Will Smith and the Hagerstown
Suns’ front office staff have made the old stadium come alive.

It’s buzzing with family fun, reasonable ticket and concession prices, a play area for
kids, lots of promotions and between innings specials.

It’s been made alive by a continual growing number of cheering fans and youngsters in their first full professional season playing the game the way it is supposed to be played – with lots of hustle, enthusiasm, and competitiveness.

Fernando Martinez 1_thumbnailGreg Golson 1_thumbnail

Suns 17-year OF Fernando Martinez At Plate Against Lakewood and Phillies’ 2004 #1 Draft Pick Greg Golson At Hagerstown

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