Rodger’s Diary – 2008 Chattanooga Lookouts

At least two – three games a season, usually at Zebulon, NC or at Chattanooga’s beautiful state of the art AT&T Stadium. I shoot photos of the Cincinnati Reds’ AA- affiliate, Chattanooga Lookouts for Reds Report, who I have enjoyed free lancing for the last 15 years.

No reflection on Lookouts current manager Mike Goff, who is also a good guy, but I missed seeing Jayhawk Owens, former manager of the Lookouts the past four-five seasons, who I liked and appreciated a lot for putting up with my photography antics so often. I always pictured Jay Hawk in my mind as a good Cincinnati Reds’ manager if he got the opportunity.

In any event, my other good friend since he was a player, Lookouts hitting coach Jaime Dismuke was there. and I enjoyed reminiscing with him, which made my two day stay at Kodak, Tennessee more fun.

I also enjoyed seeing many of the Lookout players, who I have photographed every year successively at Dayton, Sarasota, and Chattanooga.

I told every one who would listen, Lookouts right hander ’ Travis Wood was Cubs’ stopper Kerry Wood and my cousin , which is more my wishful thinking than sound genealogically supported fact.

Chris Valaika
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I shot mostly action photos of Lookout players in the two games at Kodak, Tennessee , except for pitchers not appearing in games during my stay, who I shot posed.

The Lookouts are loaded with Reds’ Top 30 Baseball America prospects: #13 shortstop Chris Valaika, #15 Pedro Viola RHP, #16 Sean Watson, RHP, #17 catcher Craig Tatum, #20 stopper Carlos Fisher RHP, #21 cousin Travis Wood RHP, #24 Sam McCure RHP, and #28 1B Danny Dorn.

Although not listed among the Reds’ top prospects yet, southpaw pitcher Ben Jukich, is pitching good ball this season with 7-2 W-L, 2.82 ERA in 14 starts.

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