Rodger’s Diary – Potomac Revisited – Memories of Old

I can’t help getting nostalgic every time I get out to the old Potomac Nationals G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium. I started coming out there when the Pittsburgh Pirates, Class A Carolina League affiliate Prince William Pirates played there in 1984. I learned a whole new vocabulary that year from Pirates catcher Tommy Prince, which I could never use in polite company.

Braves minor leaguers, Chipper Jones and David Justice, took an interest in my photos and a Baseball Weekly reporter asked me to photograph Aaron Sele and Franky Rodriquez.for an article he was writing. I remember a 20-year Barry Bonds just drafted out of Arizona State dropping two flies balls in right field in one inning.

Chris Marrero
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I remember him reaching out of the back door of the Cannons’ locker room during a game to give me a bat and hearing him say, “Take this bat to your car right away and don’t tell anyone where you got it.” I can also remember talking to Mr. Baseball, and Hall of Famer Ernie Banks in the dugout before an Old Timers Game.

I can remember worrying about an aggressive young Lynchburg outfielder, Trot Nixon, after he crashed into the right field fence trying to catch a fly ball.

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