Rodger’s Diary – 2008 Brooklyn Cyclones

They’re not my old favorite Brooklyn Dodgers, who won all those National League pennants in the 1950s, and beat the dreaded New York Yankees in the 1955 World Series. They don’t even play at famed Ebbetts Field, and Jackie Robinson isn’t at 2B, Gil Hodges at 1B or Duke Snider in center field.

Campbell Eric (wood) 1.jpgBrad Holt 6.jpgReese Haven 1.jpg
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They play near Coney Island at Key Span Park, which is only near Brooklyn. Their red and grays resemble old time uniforms and classic names like Reese Havens man the hot corner, and Brad Holt fires bee bees from the mound. When these youngsters make the majors, they’ll play for the Dodgers’ replacement major league team on Long Island, the New York Mets.

You caught me reminiscing again, but since the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1957, the Brooklyn Cyclones in the Rookie League New York Penn League are the next best thing to my Dodgers of old..

The heroes of your youth become the idols of your old age and they can never be replaced.

I enjoyed seeing the young Brooklyn Cyclones at Aberdeen just after the short rookie season started in June. Several Met 2008 Amateur Draft picks were signed and on the team by the time I saw them. #1 Reese Havens SS, 1s Brad Holt RHP, #3 Kirk Nieuwenis CF, Josh Satin 2B, #8 Eric Campbell 3B, #9 Eric Beaulac RHP, #14 Brandon Moore RHP, and #26 John Servidio OF.

The Mets drafted a good class of young men – the Cyclones helped me every way possible to get good photos of them and I appreciated them very much.

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