Cal Ripken Photos Coming Soon

Most of these photos were taken at old Memorial Stadium, where I broke into major league photography back in the mid 1980s. It was the heydays of a young Cal Ripken and Eddie Murray, both future Hall of Frames, who typically dominated my lens most every game.

I have over 100 different good Cal shots from this period, only 16 of which are published in this web page. They are new and refreshing photos, not widely seen a thousand times in every different journal.

Cal Ripken 6

I love the photo of Cal in the ready position at shortstop with the “We Love Cal” banner hanging in the background off the centerfield bleachers. Also, I love the photo of Cal intently listening to his father’s lecture.

The photo of the high -5 handshake at home plate between Cal who had just hit a homerun, and Eddie Murray, with Jack Dwyer waiting in the background and Ernie
Tyler walking in the foreground is memorable.

And in closing, I like the silhouette shot of Cal and Eddie – if I went on I would find another 100 favorites because invariably, the last one I am looking at becomes my favorite at that moment. I’ve enjoyed my photography through the years and each of these photos many times makes me recall a fond moment. They may be considered the history of my life and the reflection of my own childhood dream to be a major leaguer myself.

Announcing the Vintage Rodger Galleries

Starting immediately, we are setting up a new photo folder, entitled, “Vintage Rodger,” in the galleries.

We will start with photos of Billy and Cal Ripken from the mid 1980s and continue to publish more of my older baseball, hockey, basketball, and football photos of 1980s and 1990s stars and maybe some photos of my favorite players too, who were not always big stars all the time..

Cal’s photos will be followed by photos of Eddie Murray, Billy Ripken, Manny Ramirez, and Jim Thome, probably publishing a different player at an interval of each week.

Since the olden days, I’ve taken probably close to more than 500,000 photos.

In my collection, I have baseball stars, including::

Don Mattingly
Ricky Henderson (Stealing the Record Base in Oakland)
Pete Rose
Mike Schmidt
Barry Bonds
Steve Carlton
Jose Canseco
Mark McGuire
Nolan Ryan,
Rod Carew

I have hockey stars, including

Wayne Gretsky
Mario Lamieux
Dale Hunter
Rod Langway
Scott Stevens
Brett Hull
Gordie Howe

And a few football stars, Joe Montana, and basketball stars Charles Barkley.

The quality of the “Vintage Rodger” photos posted online are not magazine quality – editors wanting to use some of these photos in their publications are advised to let me know which ones they’re interested so I can get them a better quality scan from the negatives or slides.

Take care and hope you enjoy my old photos,